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A Mother's Day Poem

May 31, 2023
At Huntington Court, we take any opportunity to show love and appreciation for our residents and staff members. As we all know, May is dedicated to the mothers of the world, and Huntington Court did not miss out! On this Mother's Day, we celebrated with an afternoon Tea Party for all of our mothers and their families!

Huntington's own poet, Darlene, wrote a poem for the occasion. Thank you, yet again, for your beautiful words Darlene!


Mothers are a blessing from heaven above
There's nothing more precious than a mother's love
From the time she gives birth, she truly cares
She's warm, loving and eager to share
When you spoke your first word and began to crawl
Brought tears to her eyes that started to fall
When you began to walk she was by your side
She's always there to be your guide
A mother's love is special you see
Let your love for her fun joyfully free
A day is set aside for your mother
She's one of a kind there is no other
Tell her how much she means to you
Show appreciation for the things you do
She cares and loves you in every way
Show extra love on her special day

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