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Monthly Auction at Huntington Court

April 26, 2021
At Huntington Court, we give residents different incentives to earn Huntington Court Cash so they can bid on items at our monthly auction. Some things that will earn you Huntington Court Cash are participating in an activity, exercising, making new friends, etc.; anything that encourages mental and physical well-being. Residents love our auctions and look forward to it every month! Of course, they love getting new things, but they also love a good bargain and there are always lots of laughs.

“I love the part when a resident has run out of their Court Cash but something comes up they want and other residents bid and pay for that item to give to their friend! It is so sweet to watch them buy for each other right after they've argued with someone to stop bidding.”

In the end, they always take care of each other. We have such a special group of residents.

Life at Huntington Court

Coming to a nursing facility is always a difficult decision for the residents and their loved ones, we empathize with everyone in this situation. We are here to tell you it is not a bad thing. It's undoubtedly a significant change, but as staff, we love to see how these residents blossom when they're here.

Whether it's for short-term rehab or long-term care, they are among their peers, people that can relate to their situation and they support each other. Making lifelong friends! Residents truly thrive here getting the care they need in a loving environment.

We love hearing all the time "this is not at all what I thought it would be" from loved ones and residents. Just the other day we had a gentleman who was coming for a short-term stay tell us, "You know I think I'm just going to go ahead and live here forever; you all have really grown on me.”

It's these moments that give all the staff that warm fuzzy feeling and reassures us that our residents are feeling loved. Huntington Court is one big family and it's such a privilege to be a part of it. Thank you to all our residents and loved ones for allowing us this privilege!

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