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The Healing Touch: Inspiring Therapy Success Stories at Huntington Court

October 18, 2023
The Therapy Department at a nursing home is an integral part of residents' well-being and their journey to recovery. At Residence at Huntington Court, our Therapy Team from Broad River Rehab provides top-notch rehabilitation services, improving mobility and quality of life for our residents. Through compassionate care and personalized treatment plans, our therapists help residents regain independence, fostering a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Terry Steele's Story

Terry came to Huntington Court weak and deconditioned after hospitalization for respiratory failure. He required assistance for bed mobility and all self-care/ADLs. He was dependent on transfers and staff had to utilize a mechanical lift. Terry has been nothing but complimentary of the Nursing and Therapy Teams at the facility. He had rehabbed earlier this year at a competitor rehab facility across town, and he tells everyone that Huntington is far superior in meeting his needs and helping him accomplish his goal to “walk out of here.”

Mr. Steele continued to progress with a contact guard assist, walking up to 75 feet with a walker, and increasing independence toward self-care goals to return to his private home without assistance. He constantly expressed how fortunate he was to be at Huntington Court. Our team was proud to send Terry home on October 13th, leaving them happier, healthier, and more independent than when he came in. Excellent job, Terry!

Joan Davis's Story

Joan is a long-term resident at Huntington Court who transferred from another facility. Upon admission, she required specialized wound care for stage four of her coccyx. She was bed-bound and had very limited activity tolerance. As soon as the healing progressed to a point where she could tolerate therapy, therapy began addressing her personal goals. The initial plan of care was to improve bed mobility and sitting tolerance. Once those goals were met, she transitioned to restorative care until most recently when Ms. Davis expressed she was ready to begin transfer training.

Ms. Davis started physical therapy again on August 1st, and we are so proud of her progress. She has now been upgraded from a mechanical lift for transfers to assist with a walker, and is now working towards a walking program! She has also progressed from a geri-chair to a standard wheelchair. With a duel effort, our Nursing Team did an excellent job with improving and healing her wounds, and the Therapy Team has been improving her overall strength by addressing transfer and mobility, and has increased her time out of bed to contribute to her overall well-being and quality of life. We are so proud of you, Ms. Davis!

No matter what healthcare battles are brought your way, Residence at Huntington Court is committed to providing the support and encouragement you need to get back on your feet. Our Therapy Department works hard with our rehabilitation residents with the ultimate goal of returning home healthier and stronger. Reach out by clicking the button below to set up a tour!

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